Naturally Replenished brand and products were created with nature in mind. Having suffered from years of hair loss, I developed an interest in natural ways to prevent and reverse the effect. 

My main goal was to develop a line of products that were not only affordable but effective. I took my time to educate myself about Ancient ways of life and the natural products that our ancestors used to prevent damage whilst promoting new growth. Along my journey, I learned so much about the uses of natural ingredients, how we can use them, and their effects on us compared to chemically enhanced products.

Although I have developed a line of hair and skincare, I think it is essential to know the benefits of food and its effects on us as we are what we consume. Hair growth and nourishing skin go hand in hand with your consumption of food and water. I created a blog page to share my knowledge of other factors that may help you journey to flawless skin and healthy hair.

I have put my all into creating this brand, and I hope that it helps you reach your goal, whether it be to grow your hair, take care of your skin or learn more about natural health. 

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Piera xo.